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Balance & Movement to Reduce Falling w/ Mordy Levine

Each Wednesday, from 10:30 - 11:20am

In this class, you will practice easy movements to improve

balance and reduce risk of falling. Reduce onset of cognitive

decline, like dementia, reverse osteoporosis, learn basic form of Tai Chi. Emphasis is on posture, balance, muscle relaxation & breathing. Develop stability & coordination and gain confidence.

Mordy Levine is an instructor of yoga, Tai Chi, karate, and meditation. Mordy is the creator of the Meditation Pro Series that teaches meditation for different conditions that affect Western civilization (e.g., stress, insomnia, weight issues, smoking). To date, over 900,000 people have learned to meditate through his series of meditation programs. To learn more visit www.balanceandmovement.comThere is a $10 fee per class paid to the instructor.

Balance & Movement to Reduce Falling w/ Mordy Levine

Registration is required.  To register now, please go BACK to the calendar and click REGISTER on the class you wish to attend.

You can also register by calling the Senior Center at 858-756-3041.

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