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Planting Natives at Home

Thursday, May 16, at 2:00 - 3:30 pm 

Special thanks to our sponsor La Jolla Nurses Homecare

Native plants are what give our gardens a sense of place. These are also the plants best suited to our climate and soils, support native butterflies, bees, birds, and animals of all sorts, use the least water –

and are absolutely beautiful.  As climate change progresses, more and more Baja native plants migrating north into our gardens, too. Join Nan Sterman, WaterWise Gardener for this presentation on how to create and care for your own native plant garden, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned green thumb.

California native Nan Sterman is passionate about connecting plants, people, and the planet. She is a pioneer in sustainable landscaping, with a focus on California and other low rainfall climates. Nan takes a wholistic approach, and as a result, wears several hats: garden communicator, garden expert, award-winning journalist, designer, teacher, author, botanist, TV host, and producer, among others.

Some examples of her work include:

• Three gardening books, the most recent being Hot Color, Dry Garden, a guide for creating

color-filled, waterwise gardens.

• Eight seasons as creator, producer, and host of the public TV show, A Growing Passion -

which earned several Garden Comm Gold Media awards

• More than a decade of leading garden lovers on plant and garden adventures around the

world, including Europe, South Africa, Costa Rica, and the US. In October 2024, we go to


• Co-founding Grab & Grow Gardens to support food insecure communities during the

COVID 19 crisis and beyond. To date, Grab & Grow Gardens has supplied close to 30,000

starter vegetable gardens for families and seniors in need across San Diego County.

Planting Natives at Home

Registration is required.  To register now, please go BACK to the calendar and click REGISTER on the class you wish to attend.

You can also register by calling the Senior Center at 858-756-3041.

Special thanks to our sponsor La Jolla Nurses Homecare 

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