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Tai Chi

Tuesdays,  from 10:00 - 11:00 am

Tai Chi/ Longevity Self Care Learn Tai Chi and longevity self-care techniques to enhance health, energy, and balance with Dr. Abraham Kim from Synaptic Integrated Medicine. Dr. Abraham brings his background of integrated medicine in neurology and longevity practices to share tip on how to work with the aging process and prevent degenerative neurological conditions. A $10 courtesy fee is requested for each session, per person.  Dr. Abraham Kim is an Integrated Medicine doctor and a former US Navy Special Operations officer. Drawing from his own journey of overcoming neurological health challenges after his time in the military, he brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Through the guidance of the Synaptic Integrated Medicine framework and mentor, he was able to recover and elevate his level of wellness. He is an advocate of true wealth being in good health.

Tai Chi

Registration is required.  To register now, please go BACK to the calendar and click REGISTER on the class you wish to attend.

You can also register by calling the Senior Center at 858-756-3041.

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