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The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center was established in 1988 and operated from a donated space in the Rancho Santa Fe Library. In 2000, the Board of Directors initiated a fundraising campaign to purchase a historic house in Rancho Santa Fe designed by architect,

Lillian J. Rice. In April of 2001, the property was purchased through generous donations

from many local benefactors, and the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center

began operating in its present location.

The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center has helped countless seniors and their families by offering a welcoming place to receive assistance, as well as by providing valuable senior resource information, educational programs, enrichment classes, and social activities. There is no membership fee to receive assistance or participate in programs.

The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center is managed by professional, knowledgeable staff, and a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in an unincorporated area of San Diego, programs and services are funded entirely by donations from generous supporters. The Senior Center has operated successfully since 1988 with support from donors who realize the importance of providing senior services. The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center's services include, but are not limited to: senior resource information, family support, enrichment classes, health outreach, and social activities.


Since 1988 The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center has been an invaluable resource to the local and surrounding communities of Rancho Santa Fe. The Mission of the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center is to assist seniors in maintaining their health, welfare and safety while respecting their need for independence, self-esteem and dignity.


The Senior Center has helped countless seniors and their families by providing resource information, educational programs, and social activities throughout the year. The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center is managed by compassionate, knowledgeable staff and a dedicated Board of Directors. Programs and services are funded entirely by contributions from community residents and supporters. 


We are fortunate to call the

Lilian Jeannette Rice House

the home of the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center. Individuals from Rancho Santa Fe and surrounding communities participate in programs, events, and educational services throughout the year. Staff is available to provide senior resource information during business hours, Monday - Friday,

9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

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The History of

The Lilian Jeannette Rice House

Senior Center Door.JPG

The Lilian Jeannette Rice House was built in 1924, by Lilian Rice, the planner and principal architect for the planned community of Rancho Santa Fe. It was the first house she built and is very likely the first residence in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant; it is believed that she resided here for several years. The .93 acre parcel was originally part of The Inn property, but was sold to “a friend” by the developer.


The Senior House, as it is known today, is on the National and State Registries of Historic Places. It is a beautiful example of the California Spanish Colonial Revival style. The board and batten room at the north end of the house was added around 1931. It is the only area of the Senior House that has not been restored.


The Senior Center is very proud of the historical integrity of the house. When the Senior Center took possession of the property in 2001 the house was dwarfed by the overgrowth of trees and plant material. In the back of the house ground brush, sickly material, and smaller trees were removed. Trees and larger bushes were  “laced out” and the rock planter areas were put in place. There was no grading or change to the slope or drainage of the property. The large California Live Oak is not only beautiful but it is estimated to be over two hundred years old. The pathways and terraces are designed to be senior user friendly, wheelchairs and walkers roll easily on the decomposed granite.


Come join us for the annual Fourth of July Luncheon on the beautiful terraces pf the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center with entertainment and camaraderie for all!

  • George Bullette, President

  • Jonathan Schwartz, Vice President

  • Colleen Sansone, Treasurer

  • Monty Silverstone, Secretary

  • Ed Evans, MD

  • Charlene Yingling

  • Martha Grimes

  • Maria Delgado

  • Robert Grant, Emeritus Member

  • Bill Groeniger, Emeritus Member

  • Hal Sexton, Emeritus Member

  • Jackie Bekins *

  • Charles Arledge *

* deceased

  • Executive Director: Kris Slugg

  • Assistant Director: Laura Humphrey

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